Golf Club and Ball


The most important quality of a golf instructor is obviously his knowledge, teaching capability, and expertise in the game. Gary fulfills these qualities. Gary not only has advanced technical knowledge of the game but is also able to easily detect imperfections in my grip, swing, stance, and mechanics of the golf shot by being an excellent observer. He has taught me the basics of the game in an understandable way by using metaphors or comparisons to stress a learning or correction point. Gary is open-minded, a good listener, and passionate about the game of golf. I highly recommend him.

~  John E. ~


Amazing experience. I learned more about my golf swing in the first 15 minutes than I had learned in many years of YouTube, golf books, private lessons, and golf “tips”. Gary concentrated on two areas I needed to work on and made sure I understood exactly what was going on in my swing. He then gave me drills to get the feel of what I needed to do and patiently guided me through the changes.

~ Dan ~  

I enjoyed my Introductory lesson with Gary, he is good at what he does. After my first lesson I bought a 4 lesson pack and expect that I will see Substantial results by the time I am finished with these lessons.

~  Cody W. ~  

Gary is helping me restart my Golf Game after many years of being absent from the turf. His patience, pointers and pleasant demeanor helped me feel more prepared and confident in my ability to get out on a course again. Highly recommend!

~  Lauren B. ~  


Gary was great. He let me know what I was doing right, quickly figured out the most significant things that I was doing wrong, and gave me a couple of things to work on in practice. I'm looking forward to working with Gary to continue to improve my swing.

~ Bob B. ~  


Very honest about my ability and instruct me on what I need to work on to meet my goals.

~ Michelle F. ~  


Working with Gary has been an awesome experience. He is patient and he gives great advice. He is able to analyze my swing and give me homework to fix my bad habits. I always walk out of his lesson feeling better about my golf game.

~ Ignacio R. ~  


Gary was awesome, especially I didnt know what to expect with my very first lesson. Straight forward instructions, and no BS assessment, which I totally Appreciate. As a beginner, I already had results after my first lesson, I cant wait to continue on working with Gary 

~ Raymond K. ~  

Very easy to work with. Great knowledge of golf and has an easy way of explaining what needs to be fixed. If you love golf and want someone to give you lessons, he is the man for the job because you can tell this is someone who loves what they do.

~ Javon C. ~  


My husband came home from his first lesson completed happy and motivated- eager to start using the techniques he had learned. I look forward to his success from his next few sessions from Gary!

~ Jamie L. ~  

You are going to using the best golf instructor in this area!

~ Alan L. ~  


Gary knows his stuff! Took an initial single lesson and liked what he showed me. Signed up for a 4 lesson set. I've never been able to draw the ball, always a baby fade on well struck balls. On average I was hitting about 4 fairways a round. this past week I hit 11 fairways and two were two paces off of the fairway! i can now (most times) call up a baby draw! Shot 83 last Wednesday, best round in months! I probably will continue with Gary over the next few weeks. Thank you, Gary for saving my game!

~ Nicholas C. ~  


So glad I took this lesson from Gary. His advice and guidance was much more valuable than the cost of the lesson. My lesson involved driving, but playing golf the following day, I noticed that following his advice on club path also greatly improved my use of the fairway wood and irons in addition to my driver. I highly recommend Gary Johnson.


~ Thomas ~

I signed up for 5 lesson special. I didn’t realize that Gary is a great golf instructor that tailors his lessons towards his students and their needs to make them a better golfer. He takes his time during the lesson to make sure you understand everything he is teaching you. You will not be disappointed getting golf lessons from Gary, he is the best in the Sacramento area!

~ Muke ~